History of Foundation

In 1946 after transition to multi-party democratic sistem, Adnan Menderes who was general president of Democrat Party become Prime Minister Of Turkey as a result of elections which was done in 1950. And He remained in office until 27 May 1960 dated military coup. On the purpose of determine the potential of our country economy in a macro perspective, Adnan Menderes requested a fact-finding mission from West Germany Chancelor(Prime Minister) Erhand. The German Economy Experts Committee which assigned by Chancelor Erhand, finished and presented their report to Adnan Menderes after long economical researches. According to this report, 3 key sector’s importance was remarkeble for Turkey’s economical future. This 3 key sector was AGRICULTURE, AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY and TOURISM.

Adnan Menderes was member or head of the budget planning commission as congressman, besides that he was owner of Çakirbeyli farm. He was aware of our potential of agriculture, because of that he gave priority to agricultural investments. By this means, According to another research which done in 1958, Turkey was equal to Italy and better than Greece, Portugal and Spain as development level. After Adnan Menderes’s period, several governments of our country was took proper actions in this perspective, but sometimes they performed economy policy which gives priority to different sectors. Unfortunately, Because of Socio-Economic policy which was far away from country realities, our country could not reached level of developed modern countries. Our economic experiences show us that agricultural sector is main factor for development of our county. We bought a small olive oil plant called “ALTIN” to invest agriculture and agricultural industry by living in agriculturist family culture and beign believers of this perspective. Afterwards, we added our surname infront of this name and completed our establisment with the title of “ÖZALTIN TARIM İŞLETMELERİ SANAYİ VE A.S ” on 06.06.2000.


A company which is founded with good intentions, must have basic laws that is suitable for founding philosopy and basic princibles for permanent success and to be beneficial to society,

For ÖZALTIN Company,

-Mutual Trust
-Respect to laws
-To built up know-how as a need of global Competition with development and modern information Technologies.
-Respect to Human Rights
-Environmental Awareness

Will always be our basic princibles.

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